Top 16 Most Beautiful Villages In The World

1. Hallstatt, Austria

Nestled between Hallstätter See and the Dachstein mountains is Hallstatt, Austria’s oldest and perhaps its most photographed village. This beautiful European town features stunning old churches, a subterranean salt lake, a museum with 7,000-year previous artifacts, and a glass-like lake set against the breath-taking backdrop of soaring mountains.

2. Simiane La Rotonde, France

Located within the gorgeous south of France and surrounded by olive groves and lavender fields, this hilltop village is one of every of the most stunning towns in the world. Explore the charming village, pass on narrow cobblestone streets and stone houses, admire the centuries-old architecture, attend talks on aromatherapy, tour the medieval castle and enjoy the scents and colors from the numerous flowers within the near Abbey of Valsaintes garden.

3. Ortahisar, Turkey

Despite its central location Ortahisar has managed to remain mostly traditional and largely slow-paced. while surrounding cities increasingly} become a lot and more touristic, Ortahisar remains rustic and charming. Have a drink and a meal in an underground cave bar, marvel at Ortahisar’s looming 78-meter high castle carved from stone, and learn a lot about the underground cave storage where citrus fruits are stashed till they ripen.

4. Cinque Terre, Italy


Cinque Terre means ‘Five Lands’ in English and is the collective name was given to 5 different fishing villages that every boast gorgeous coastal and mountain trails still as stunning, classic architecture. digit Terre offers timeless charm and a feel of authentic Italy with its rugged coastlines and romantic town area.

5. Shirakawa-go, Japan

Situated at the foot of Mt. Haku-san is the quiet mountain village of Shirakawa-go. Shirakawa-go is picturesque with its rolling rice fields and river, and it also boasts ancient roof farmhouses, a number of that are over 250 years old, and also the among the last of their kind in Japan. engage with locals, learn the traditional art of dyeing and weaving and learn the way to form delicious soba noodles where you’re there.

6. Ait Ben-Haddou, Morocco

Ait-Ben-Haddou could be a traditional southern Morocco earthen village made of clay bricks. The village lies during a vale close to the Atlas Mountains, thirty-two miles from the active film capital of Morocco. historically, traders traversed the Sahara Trade Route and passed through the city carrying spices and gold on their way elsewhere. because of the use of this established trade route light, several Kasbahs (fortresses) in Ait-Ben-Haddou were abandoned and have since become preserved relics.

7. Oia, Greece

Oia could be a traditional village with stunning blue-domed churches, sun-bathed verandas, a variety of art galleries, and a maze of little shops, most with panoramic views of the port Ammoudi and the Santorini volcano. Oia is while not a doubt one of every of the foremost stunning towns in the world.

8. Cua Van, Vietnam

Charming and enchanting, ha Long Bay is famous for its natural beauty. Cua Van is simply one in every of the fishing villages on ha Long Bay however is believed to be its preferred spot. settled on an emerald Green Bay enclosed by mountains are the serene Cua Van, home to stunning and exotic marine life, caves, and grottoes excellent for exploring, and vibrant village culture.

9. Alberobello, Italy

Alberobello could be a quiet Italian city most whimsical for its whimsical 14th-century style beehive-shaped houses. These stone buildings are units made of local limestone and topped with conical roofs, typically white-tipped as if dusted by snow and decorated with painted symbols believed to bear religious or irrational significance. There also are a few little museums and opportunities for buying and making an attempt at local foods. Alberobello could be a nice very little village for each day trip.

10. Reine, Norway

With an estimated population of 300 villagers, Reine is one in every one of those little cities that nobody knows about. situated at the mouth of Reinefjord, close to the insanely stunning Loften peaks is the quiet, picturesque fishing village Reine. attend Reine to enjoy the famed, gorgeous northern lights and keep and revel in life within the laidback rural fishing village. keep during a rorbu (a converted, old fisherman’s cottage), go whale observance and fishing because the locals do or camp out below the celebrities, go biking, kayaking, or bird looking, and connect with nature.

11. Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

The idyllic, thriving metropolis town of Sidi Bou said is found atop a cliff dominating the sea. Twenty kilometers or so from the capital town Tunis, Sidi Bou said could be a favored getaway destination for locals and tourists alike. Stroll on cobblestone streets lined with little shops and stalls, explore winding lanes, soak in the gorgeous panoramic view of the mediterranean sea, visit the Ennejma Ezzahra palace that pays the mediterranean sea to Neo-Moorish architecture, and revel in the good contrast of the town’s blue-painted doors and trellises with the stark white of their Grecian buildings.

12. Wengen, Switzerland

Wengen was once primarily an alpine farming community however has since become a resort city teeming with tourists desperate to ski the snow-covered slopes in the Winter and hike trails in the Summer. Despite the inflow of tourists, the mountain village has maintained its homestyle, card vibe with its timber homes, well-dispersed holiday chalets, soaring mountains, and luxurious landscape.

13. Bibury, England

Easily one of the most stunning tiny cities in Europe, is Bibury, a bit city in Gloucestershire Cotswolds. Bibury consists of stone buildings all set up out on the banks of the River Coln, and is most famed for city Row, a picturesque row of weavers’ cottages believed thus far back to the 14th or sixteenth century before its conversion within the 17th century. city Row overlooks a meadow and watercourse and is featured in the UK passport.

14. Fenghuang Ancient Town, China

Situated at the foot of a mountain and on the banks of the Tuojiang river in Fenghuang, an old city inbuilt in 1704 that offers a look at China before modernization. Named for the phoenix-shaped shadow the looming mountain casts on the city, this previous city is hailed as one of the most effective and most picturesque in all of China.

15. Palangan, Iran

Palangan is a little-known rural Iranian village with an estimated population exceeding 1000 inhabitants. tucked away within the valley with the Tangi var river flowing through it, homes var etched out on the sloping valley sides in a terraced manner with roofs of houses doubling as verandas or yards for the homes above them. Locals embrace their cultural heritage through people’s dance and song, and commonly enjoy country life by picnicking on the river’s banks, taking shade below near trees, and enjoying easy games along.

16. Larung Gar, Tibet

At the eastern finish of the huge Tibetan plateau is the landmark cloister city Larung Gar, the largest Tibetan Buddhist institute in the world. This cultural, historical, and religious site’s inhabitants and buildings presently face the threat of forced migration and demolition, and unless the international community acts quickly this stunning Tibetan village can soon be no more.

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