The Drama of Arresting a Young Man by The Police to Convince His Friend of Marriage

An unusual incident happened in the American state of Washington where a man faked an arrest to convince his favorite girl to marry him.

A few days ago, the Washington police shared the video on their verified Facebook account and also shared the details of the incident, after which the video went viral on the internet.

The US police department in its detailed post said that they received a phone call from a man named Wayne Morris who requested the police to arrest him for marrying his friend Christine, which the police refused to listen to.

Later, when Wayne Morris pleaded with the police and insisted on explaining the seriousness of the matter, the police department agreed, after which the citizen explained to the police the plan he had developed.

According to the plan, the police arrested Wayne Morris at a restaurant in front of his friend Christine and her parents. Before getting into the police car, Wayne proposed to his girlfriend and she accepted.

Social media users comment on the video and express concern that the boy could not have performed the act.

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