News About Sushmita Sen: Amid rumors of Lalit Modi and Sushmita Sen’s breakup, here’s a look at the timeline of their relationship

The break-up rumors came months after the founder and first chairman of the Indian Premier League described the former beauty pageant winner as his “better-looking partner” and his “partner in crime”.

Months after the founder and first chairman of the Indian Premier League announced that all is not well in the Lalit Modi-Sushmita Sen love paradise and that the couple is headed for splitsville. -seeing partner” and his “partner in crime”.

The announcement, which many netizens called ‘weird’, was made on Modi’s Instagram account, which in July, had shared a series of photos declaring his feelings to the world. It had a long and awkward caption that some people found confusing.

Others called it misleading, as there was radio silence at the end of the scene, sharing a cryptic message just a day after his rumored beau declared his love.

Since nothing has been confirmed or denied — but netizens have been invested in this brief social media romance for the past several weeks — we’re going through whatever information has been shared about it on the photo-sharing app. Let’s see the timeline of the relationship.

In July this year, Modi, 58, shared a photo album that included pictures of him and Sen – some from their allegedly recent romantic getaway and some from years earlier, when he was still in India.

News About Sushmita Sen

“Back in London after a whirlwind world tour – Maldives, Sardinia – with family – not to mention better-looking partner @sushmitasen47,” the caption read. The businessman added that there was a “new beginning, a new life at last”, and he was “over the moon”.

“In love, doesn’t mean marriage yet. But, that will happen by the grace of Allah. I just announced that we are together,” her post read. It also featured a photo of his ex-wife Manal Modi, who died in 2018.

In other pictures, Sen, 46, and Modi were seen posing on a boat with family and friends, dining at a restaurant, clicking some selfies, etc. Then, there were pictures from their IPL days. . In one click, Modi is seen holding Sen by her hair, looking at her lovingly, while she smiles back.

Naturally, this shocked many, who found them to be less of a couple. In response, the former Miss Universe shared a selfie with her daughters and wrote, “I’m in a happy place! Not married… No ring… Surrounded by unconditional love! Explains enough.” Gone…now back to life and work!”

“Thank you for always sharing my happiness… and for those who don’t… it’s #NOYB anyway!” he added.

Over the next few weeks, as Modi continued to single-handedly address trolling and hate on social media, Sen maintained a dignified silence and was even seen making appearances with ex-boyfriend Rohman Shall.

Finally, news of Modi and Sen’s breakup started doing the rounds when they changed their bio on Instagram, which earlier read, “Founder @iplt20 Indian Premier League – finally a new one with my partner in crime.” Starting life. My love @sushmitasen47.

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