Top 6 Useful Technology Which Uses Every Day In The Home

I have some tech tools that I dependably use each day I may add to that list right away, However, I also know my list may change tomorrow if one thing new came on that would change my life for the better.

Okay, I admit it. I pretty much use some kind of technology all day and each day. I’ve set to only accept that and apply it to the things I relish.

1. Google Maps

What I found out about Google Maps might surprise you. You already recognize you’ll be able to nice directions to any place, however, did you know Google Maps has more destinations within the app than the Apple Map?. as an example, you simply say “ok Google, restaurants” and every one of the restaurants around you crops up.

I was amazed in any respect the other things Google Maps may try this I was entirely unaware of however happy to search out.

2. Grammarly

The Grammarly I use is the free version and I haven’t found any reason to vary that. I do a lot of writing, therefore I can’t imagine life without it.

Grammarly not only checks your spelling and grammar however sentence structure suggestions, and even punctuation. Here is the link for Grammarly if you’d like to check it out.

3. The Weather Channel

You know this can be one of the handiest apps there’s., it however also quite boring. That being said, I’m from the mid-west, and I have detected that people from the mid-west tend to speak about the weather over others.

But however amazing to seem on the radar for storms in seconds, inspect the weather for your future vacation, or simply check your local temperature.

4. Apple Pay

Apple has created it very easy to buy and keep all of your credit card numbers secure.

So, I’m assuming we all use all the security access to us on our phones, like 6-digit codes, fingerprints, and face recognition.

Seriously, who may get by that? I have not heard of one person whose Apple Pay was hacked.

There is no need to even have your MasterCard with you as you just place your phone or watch next to a contactless reader. In some cases once looking, Apps can simply ask you to decide on Apple Pay- then you sign -in. Done

In addition, for extra security, did you know that after you use Apple Pay the retailer never has access to your card variety, not even the last 4-digits?

Apple assigns a device account number to your phone or watches so it’s encrypted and securely keep in a very dedicated chip in iPhone and Apple Watch.

Many thousands of stores accept Apple Pay, and like I said several apps do as well.
I even use Apple pay for Uber.

5. Apple Notes

I use Apple Notes to arrange my day every morning because it’s very easy to induce side-tracked. I perpetually have to keep my self-focused on the task at hand.

I also use Apple Notes to organize everything in my digital life, from grocery lists, to tax documents to passwords.

6. YouTube TV

I worked hard at researching the way to create looking at TV easily and cost-efficient. High cable bills place me over the top! check out my research findings on the ability to Cut the Cable TV Cord? save money with Streaming.

So, Youtube TV is our main TV provider (not a lot of cables). The options are endless.
( Don’t get this confused with YouTube)

YouTube TV is an app you transfer from the internet. immediately we are using Apple TV to stream programming from YouTube TV.

However, there are a lot of ways to stream YouTube TV like Roku and on smart TVs wherever you’ll be able to transfer the App.

We stream live TV from ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, and many different networks we get 70 channels. a true bonus is unlimited HDR storage

What makes this different than cable TV? first, it’s heaps cheaper and because it’s an APP, you can take it wherever ever you go. -Even on vacation Here is their website if you wish to check it out.

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